Free plagiarism checker

I am looking for free plagiarism checker tool. Is there any free plagiarism tool available?

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This is free online plagiarism Checker


Hi, Saaifalee
This tool is not checking plagiarism correctly. I have checked already published and indexed content at this tool and showing me “No plagiarism detected”
Can you know about Authentic Free tool for plagiarism check?

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There are so many plagiarism checkers but most are paid but quetext, EduBirdie, duplicate checker and small SEO tools plagiarism checker and these tools are free. I am using these tools from past 1 year and I am satisfied with these tools

Its so much ricky for website SERP. Most of these tools which you mentioned already checked, these tools are not checking plagiarism properly.

Do any of the paid checkers have a trial; if so see if they are any better.

I assume to check plagiarism the checker will have to check every site on the web. I doubt they do this and only check reported sites or sites which have the potential to do it.

Paid tool option is definitely always available but right now is am looking for free plagiarism checker. And trial will close after limited time, i am looking for long run free option.

Why would anyone require a plagiarism checker? How does that need arise?


To check and see if any of the jokes on my site are original :slight_smile:


Plagiarism free content making improve SERP. People updating their blogs with unique and quality content, they need plagiarism free content.

More important than SERP is that plagiarism is ILLEGAL.

… so… i’m confused as to how that’s YOUR responsibility?

How plagiarism is illegal?
I think, everyone wants to publish unique and best quality content for their website or blog. Its not an illegal activity…

So… why would they need a plagarism checker? They’re writing their own content. Because it’s “unique”. Your own sentence.


It’s theft of someone else’s intellectual property.

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My blog or website is my responsibility that’s why i am looking for free plagiarism tool…

I think what he’s trying to say is that he wants a plagarism checker for people who accept random articles for their blog from guest posters.

Which… you can’t call plagarism, because if I create an article, I can ‘give’ (or sell, or whatever) that article to as many sites as I want, because it’s my work. It’s not plagiarized at that point, it’s an authentic distribution of an original piece by an author.

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I got hire content writer online and he providing me content weekly basis. How can i check the content he providing me is unique?