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Is there any tool to check duplicate content…?

[FONT=verdana]Yes. Copyscape can check for duplicate text (not images). The free version only allows a limited number of checks per month. If you need to do large-scale checking, they have a couple of paid products that might be of interest.


There are several other similar tools that have been mentioned in different threads here. In fact, some even have luck using Google. Have a search through this forum and Internet Marketing (which is another forum here that often has copyright discussions).

If you are going to be checking a lot of content (outsourcing or buying your articles) I would definitely recommend the Copyscape Premium, and it’s actually pretty cheap.

It’s very cheap. I spend $10.00 USD a year on it and rarely use all of them year to year. Each searched url just costs 5 cents. I don’t mind that they expire though, the service is well worth it and I am happy to support it.

If you don’t have specific soft you can just take several phrases of a text and paste it in quotes in Google search. If there is any text like your one you’ll quickly know where it is taken from

For checking duplicate content? Really? I thought it was a keyword checker/tracker.

It is and more importantly the site has a red WOT (Web of Trust) rating so beware if you go there to check it out.

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yeah sure ,

Content is the life of a website which makes it informative from user point of view.Content should be genuine and free of duplication. Duplication or copying the content is a crime and should be strictly avoided.There are several tools to check plagiarism or duplicate content like:

Rather than provide a list of tools, now that we all know they are out there, if you have something special to say about the features of a certain tool you use, go ahead and say it. However, this is a discussion forum, not a favorites list. Further lists will be deleted from this thread and will result in the closing of the thread.

Recently I used for free. Pretty good one.

There are several, but why would you want to risk your brand with duplicating content at all?

Many writers use tools to check and see if their content has been plagiarized. I also use copyscape to be sure that what I write for clients is completely original and has not been worded similarly by someone else.

Moreover, when you are are writing articles from research, it is easy to sometimes mistakenly quote or paraphrase something you have researched. It may be just a phrase that has stuck in your mind, but you may want to be sure that you do’t use it unless you have the author’s written permission to use it.

I have also had clients ask me to use certain taglines and after looking them up, found them repeated on several competitors’ websites. People who don’t write for a living often don’t understand what plagiarism is and the threat to their business it holds.

So there are many reasons to use duplicate content checkers, besides intentional duplication of content.

I am very familiar with this concept, and yes that is a good reason to use a plagiarism checker BUT it’s most often used to check spun content for percentage of originality, so my point was that duplicating content is not worth risking your brand over. Content that is 100% original is written from scratch. If you are using external websites as a resource, it is okay to quote that site and provide proper citation. There seems to be a lot of confusion over what original or unique content truly means, and in my 8 years of experience writing for the web I can honestly say that when somebody needs to run copyscape to check for similarities, it means the paper is not truly unique or original.

You are correct that duplicating content is not worth risking your brand or that of your clients. When you research using 5 or more resources, as I do, it is easy to have a quote or paraphrase stick in your mind and it is not okay to quote or paraphrase with a citation unless you have the written permission of the author to do so. It never hurts to check. In my 12 years of experience writing for the web I have written and edited content for multiple contractors, garage owners, gardening sites, etc. and I always check to be sure that what I have written is 100% unique. It has nothing to do with spinning and everything to do with double checking to ensure that the integrity of my clients’ content has not been compromised by me, them, or others.

There are many uses for plagiarism checkers other than checking for duplicate content, but I would always rather be safe than sorry.

Okay, feeling bad for jumping to conclusions and voicing my moral objection to working with writers that require the use of a plagiarism tool. With that being said, it’s better to use one than not to use one and yes- I do have one I use. It’s free, up-to-date, and doesn’t require a subscription or registration to use. So I do recommend:

You can start with 0, write unique content, from your point of view, which may coincide with a number of people around the world.
Or someone could just hack into your laptop and you do not even know about it for example.
That is why the two statements above are incorrect.

started last October, this thread has pretty much gone full-circle and is beginning to get repetitive.