Free Java Hosting Provider?


Need some info. I’ve Googled a lot but couldn’t find a free Java/JSP/Servlet web host. Please suggest me if any. I’ve used Google App Engine, but I need a regular Java host this time to test my general Java Web Apps.

Thanks in advance!

Java hosting is a costly one compare to php hosting. So no hosting service will provide free hosting. Better go for Paid hosting.

Thanks Vinoth for replying.
I need free java hosting just for testing purpose… I have paid java servers for commercial usage.

It’s not free but definitely cheap. Try GoDaddy share host. you’ll probably pay less than $5/month.

Do not mess with Godaddy … Their hosting service is 0 (Zero)

Create a server on your own network…how hard is that?

You could use Google App Engine for Java. There are free and paid for options there. Anyway it may be worth checking out here: App Engine Java Overview - Google App Engine - Google Code

Even I though carry some handful knowledge of PHP. But, when I develop for money (as a freelancer), my clients clearly mention their preference of programming language. So, even though I believe in the same way you do, I had to choose Java in many cases…

And @rest of all: Thanks for suggestion. Google App Engine is free; but as per my knowledge the specifications are far different than Sun Java, right?