JSP+mysql or Oracle free host

Anyone know jsp+mysql or Oracle free host .
space >5mb . I am very much looking for a free host
Please help .

theres a couple of freebies with MySQL but I seriously doubt your gonna find free with Oracle… damn thing costs a fortune!

Heres a few I know of:


I cant speak for any of them personally as I have my own hosting company for this though.

http://www.myjavaserver.com/ do not support mysql
http://www.jsp-servlet.net/ --is it free ??

hmmm, myjava used to have MySQL support (and Postgres I might add) … dig around their specs…

And jsp-servlet advertises on all the “free jsp hosting” boards, I see them around a lot, thats why I picked them…

To be honest to find everything you want it may be tough to find one … java servers cost a few bucks to set up and dbs cause a lot of wear and tear on a server…

Its kind of “you want to play with the big kids, your gonna have to pay” BUT there is economy java hosting all OVER and it can run under $10 a month.

agreed, you may be able to find some free hosting, but not necessarily what you’re looking for.

You’re better off to spend ~$10 a month for some “economy” hosting. I don’t know of any JSP hosts (except maybe DC…) but I’ve seen tons of PHP hosts for under $5/month, so I’m sure similar exists for JSP.