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Please could someone recommend a good free hosting company to me? Presently, I cannot afford to pay further on my existing hosting plan with Godaddy. I urgently need a reliable free hosting service that doesn’t request for credit card informatio before set up, and will not place an advert on my website. Can I find such professional website? Kindly help out. Thanks

My hosting plan with Goddady has expired since December 2010. I intend using the FREE hosting plan temporarily till I get new Website project from my Prospects. I have a registered Web development firm in my country. I look forward to your assistance.

I could be wrong but I think Godaddy’s free hosting service forces advertising on your site. If you’re looking for a free host temporarily that doesn’t display advertising on your website there are a few around such as Although I don’t have any experience with this service it seems to be fairly popular.


Thanks. Before my hosting plan expired at Godaddy, I was using a paid hosting. I need a temporal free hosting to host my Web development firm’s website due to my present financial status. I will migrate to a paid hosting immediately I regain financial balance.

Google’s AppServer maybe? or Microsoft’s equivelent?

You didn’t specify if you needed any specific requirements, PHP / mySQL etc? Static HTML?

Hello Tim, it is html. Can I still use Google App Server or Microsoft equivalent?

I believe if you visit you will be able to find plenty of web hosting companies there offering free web hosting service. offers free web hosting and ads free websites.

I need recommendation from someone who has used one of the free hosting service before or still patronizing.

freewebspace forums will give you a lot of options. You will find manay free web hosting companies listed there. You will also find offers from free hosting companies there. Make sure you go through their terms before signing up.

Thanks James. I don’t want to choose by myself. I’ve once fallen victim of a Web hosting company that promised a month free hosting as a test drive. The company demanded for my credit card detail upon registration, and promised one could opt out anytime without charging my credit card. Could you believe that the company blocked my email and subsequent emails to their customer care dept and continually charge my card despite I have opted out in 10 days. Thank God I registered with a prepaid card. That’s why I need recommendation from someone has had satisfactory service.

Hey wisfort,
To my recent experience (2 months) i have been happy with services and they meet your requirements, free, no ads.

I think 000webhost is the best option for free web hosting, but what i think you are just running a site for time pass or fun then its good to go ahead with free hosting service, but if you are in real time business then free hosting is not recommended.

There are many web hosting companies which provides free web hosting, but in the comparison of paid web hosting they provide less services and put add on your web site, so try to prefer paid web hosting it gives you the better service and support. <snip/>

Check also There are many free hosting providers featured and compared there.

There are many companies providing free web hosting but you will not get all the features in free hosting as in paid one. Some companies also force to advertise on your web site if you are using free web hosting from them. I would recommend you try looking for a cheap and comparatively reliable hosting than free hosting. Here are some companies that offer free hosting

Google’s AppServer
Microsoft’s equivalent

Price is an important criterion. However, it is not always good to go with the cheapest. Quality, reliability, and support are more important than the price.

I don’t think free web hosting is good since too ad or not free for use.

Is hosting a website for free is the good idea…if you are planing it for a commercial use ? is a good option for you. You can host any registered domains under freehostia for one year free.