Looking for Web Hosting


I have windows VPN server with Godaddy but it is expensive and looking to switch.

My application is built in Java.

10 GB
High Bandwidth

Please suggest me good web hosting with cheap prices to meet my above requirements.

Are you looking for good server support or an unmanaged solution?

Good Server Support is my priority.

What’s your budget I wonder?

You’re unlikely to get exceptional support at cheaper levels, particularly if you expect support that know their way around java application provision and server configuration. It’s not economically viable at the bottom end of the market to employ sufficient numbers of truly experienced and qualified 2nd level support staff to field the large amount of support requests in anything other than a cursory manner.

I am paying $57 monthly now.

You can try Enterprise host of Stablehost.

No doubt that enterprise web hosting is better but it is also expensive.

While I don’t have much experience in the field, I have had experience with the hosting provided by Network Solutions and I’d caution you to stay away from them. Their support has been extremely lackluster.

Please read your private messages, I have sent you one.

When you say “High Bandwidth” do you mean like a 1GPS connection or do you mean like Unmetered Bandwidth?

I have used their VPS in the past and have been happy with them.