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I think it's worth saying to people that we don't need articles or content which you've previously posted elsewhere (this includes recycled content and remixed stuff) - we don't need any fluff. If it's meaningful and interesting however (and intended to spark a discussion) it will qualify. smile


Awesome! Hope one of my future posts gets chosen!


I really think this is a great idea, even though I probably have next to no chance of winning a prize. I tend to be a lurker, posting only when I feel really moved to respond to something. At this stage in my career, I am mainly a learner, not a teacher.

However, there is one thing I have noticed since the start of this competition ... (yes, the short, meaningless fluff posts have decreased immensely) the people who are vying for the awards are writing almost full-length articles as their 'quality posts'. And those are the posts that are winning the awards.

To me a quality post is exactly what Hawk described it as, but also something that grabs my attention right away, and is not too long and onerous to read. I think the short and pithy posts that leave openings for others to contribute to (even the OP) add much more to a forum discussion than full-length articles that are excellent and very informative, but that cause one of two reactions in me: "I don't have the time or energy to read it all right now", or "that was good, but left nothing to add, so I'm on my way to the next thread now".

If I want to read an article, I go to the article section of the forums. Here, I want some quick ideas, instruction or interesting discussion.

You can disagree with me if you want. After all, that's partly what the forum is for ... sorry for writing so much. wink


I don't disagree at all WebMachine. I think you are absolutely right. If I stumble across any such posts they will go on the list immediately. smile


As a current student of Java Script Live I can tell you that It is not so much what you know that motivates us or directs us as it is what we do not know. As it turns out Java Script is not what I thought it was but what it is is far superior to what I thought it was.:eek: And this is dramatically emphasis-ed in how ignorant I felt in about day 3 of the course.:sick: This is a positive thing though as it prepared me for the ACCORDION HELL:mad: that was Day 7 & 8 where not only did I not know where I was going but did not know how to get back from where it had taken me. But in day 11 I had an epiphany of sorts in realizing that through it all I had retained knowledge of a subject that would give me confidence to continue in the pursuit of becoming a JS programmer. So I said all that to say this a smart man knows what he does not know, that way he knows what he needs to find out.:nono:

Mike E:eye:
Java Script Live Inaugural Class of 2010