Forum Signature Help?

Dear members ,

I am new in forum.
So kindly advice, how many words (specifically) i can use in signature. Is there any limitation of words, as in other some forums.

Accurate info will be appreciated .



Pointless to use so many words to keyword stuff your link. Search Engines won’t see it. You are just wasting your time.

^ what he said, doubled.

SitePoint signatures are not seen by search engines and all links are nofollow.
If you are here just to keyword stuff your sig then please do not waste your time.

Check out the rules here:

You are allowed 4 lines of no more than 65 characters each.

Do you realise you are listed on multiple forums and sites as a “DoFollow” forum, and on many different lists too? Is this why you changed it to NoFollow, or did you always have this in place? I am simply wondering.

PS - How do I set my signature here? I can’t seem to find it in the settings pane.

If you look at the link ralph.m postd at #4 above, you’ll find all the relevant information - including the fact that you have to be a member for 90 days to get a signature. :slight_smile:

Yes, annoyingly there is no way to get off those damn lists!
Our sigs were dofollow for a short while but it attracted far to much garbage and spam.

This forum has been nofollow for SEVERAL years. I’m not sure why we’re still listed as otherwise, but we are. Add in the fact that signatures are not seen by non-logged in users (i.e. SE spiders), there is no link juice to be gotten from these forums…