Sorry guys.
But since I am new, I would appreciate if any of you could tell me where to edit my signature.

I think I’ve seen this post before in differ

Oops! this kinda sucks! 90 days…

Once you have been a member of the forums for 90 days you are allowed to add a signature to your posts. New users may not use signatures.

Do not attempt to circumvent the 90 day rule by inserting a fake signature in your posts.

Thanks Guido…pm sent…:slight_smile:

what?! 90 days?
I’ve been using sitepoint before, and I can easily edit my signature after posting on forums, but now its really different.:frowning:

Maybe just a forgotten pw? I posted something last Dec, then once in May/June, then nothing till late aug or late Sept. Nothing wrong for me once I recalled the pw

It sounds like there may be a bug somewhere. AFAIK members don’t need to remain active in the forums for their account to remain active.

Why did you change account?
And 90 days is not that long. I mean, nobody comes here just for the signature. Do they? :shifty:

I’ve been inactive for the past couple of months, that’s why I have to change my account, and now that I’m back, it’s really different here. Yes, actually I love joining forums and reading posts here in site point.:slight_smile:

Yes, it could be a bug in the “forgot - email a temp pwd” process somewhere.

@New Media, more details of what went wrong where?

I pm’d him for his previous account. No answer so far.

Blame spammers for this :frowning: