Help me please

Hello everyone,

This is sanaya. I see many members adding links in their signature. Is that allowed? After how many good posts can I add link to my signature? I am asking this because I do not want to be considered a spammer. I wish to go by the rules of the forum.


Hi sanaya. You need to be a member for 90 days before you can post a signature. You can read about it in the FAQ/Rules:

Thx, this helps me too, i thought that there is no signature on this forum:)

[Standard Canned Response]

Be aware that all signature links outbound from sitepoint are NOFOLLOW, and have been for years.

If you think you need only dofollow links for your site you are very wrong.

You need % of nofollow backlinks and backlinks from your own county and so on.

I am simply stating what this forum does. It used to be listed in the FAQ, but that seems to have been dropped from the latest version. All signature links are nofollow, and are not seen by web bots.

If you want to discuss what the ‘right’ SEO balance is, feel free to do so in the Internet Marketing section of the forums.