Forum "how do I?" question

Is there a way I can open a thread I’ve never read before, and have it go straight to the end of the thread, the latest post, rather than at the start?

For example, in this section there’s a thread entitled “Post a funny sign”, and it has several thousand “unread posts”, and “15 unread new posts”. I thought that perhaps clicking on the “15” in the blue box after the title would just bring me those posts, but wherever I click, I get posts from 2015, right at the start of the thread. After all this time, most of the pictures have disappeared, so there’s no content.

I don’t really want to have to read through hundreds and hundreds of posts just to get to the latest one. I’ve had a look through the FAQs, but that’s more of a “how to behave” than stuff about the forum itself.

Is this possible?

If you’re on desktop, hitting the End key should take you to the last post, although I’ve had problems with that from time to time. Alternatively, (also on desktop) you can hit #, which opens a dialogue box into which you can type the number of the last post.

On mobile? sdesole


The easiest way I know of is to click the Replies number to open the modal

Clicking the topic title will open at your “last read post in the topic” (the first if you haven’t read any, the last if you’ve read them all). The modal gives the choice of going to the first or last post of the topic regardless of how many posts in it you’ve read.


Thanks, both of you. It is just on a desktop, I tried clicking on the replies number and that did the trick.


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