I am intrigued with the criteria for "What's New?"

Just what makes a post visible in “What’s New?”

I frequently use the link and surprised that some post showing does not reappear when the link is activated again. In fact it seems as though the post is gone forever unless the particular forum is accessed.

Is there any simple means of showing the latest posts?

Just found it - Quick links -> Today’s Posts

What’s new shows all threads you haven’t opened yet, or that have been replied to after the last time you visited them.

Yeah, there are several options in the system, none of them really ideal. The one chosen is the lesser of evils, but I do hate the way threads disappear once you’ve viewed them. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the prompt reply and enlightening me on the subtle difference between new and latest posts. Obvious after the explanation :frowning:

…and another tool in the box so I will have to rethink my browsing strategy :slight_smile: