Still confused

Like other forum sites, this site is very fun and easy to access. However, there are still little functions which I still do not know how to use like how to view my previous post and whether or not any reply has been made to the following post. Please help me if you can thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi timetowork. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

how to view my previous post

There are various ways, but up in the top right corner of the screen you will see your username (if you’re not on a mobile app). If you click that, you can view all kinds of things relating to your account, including :find latest posts" on the left.

Also, on each page there is a link in the main menu called “My SitePoint”, where you can see the latest activity in threads you are involved in.

You can also set your account to send you an email each time there is new activity in a thread you’ve participated in.

And if you’re looking at a forum list or What’s New, any threads that you have participated in will have a green spot by them.

:lol: It’s rather funny that we are even answering this question, as the OP is asking how to follow a conversation, and the only way to read what we are writing is to follow the conversation …

I believe the confusion @timetowork; is experiencing is that a “hello” thread was started which was subsequentlly moved to the “BIG MONSTER” thread.
i.e. he’s looking for his thread but the post is now in another thread.

My personal preference is to not get email notifications, but to subscribe to any and all threads I post in, as well as others I’m interested in.

Me too. I turned off email notifications long ago, preferring to visit the My SitePoint link to see which threads have new activity.