Whats new button

I have noticed I sometimes miss posts and wonder how it happened. I always select the “what’s new” button when arriving on the forum and it seems it is not always picking up all the new posts.

Just now I had five posts when selecting “what’s new” but when I went back to the forum I counted seven unread post icons. Reselecting “what’s new” just brought up the original five posts again.

Have you opened those forums to verify there are unread threads there?

I know there is a slight glitch with the forum showing unread, but all thread in the forum have been read.

Here is how I reproduce the glitch:
Open What’s New, go to the thread that is unread, when done reading the thread, go to What’s New or anywhere except for the forum the thread was in. When you look at the Forum home page, it will show that forum as unread. Visit that forum, and then go back to the home page, the forum is now marked as read (assuming there weren’t any other threads in that forum that needed to be read).

It seems unless you visit the forum the thread was in, the forum itself may not be marked as read. (I hope this all makes sense…)

Have you opened those forums to verify there are unread threads there?

Yes and I could see the last post title from the main page without opening the section.

I will have a try again when the forum is not so busy and see what I come up with.

I think when I visit the forum a session must be set and even reclicking the whats new button has no effect if anything has been posted once I am here?

I wonder if that’s a cacheing issue at your end – hitting “What’s new” should run a new query every time. Of course, if your browser caches /search.php?do=getnew as going to /search.php?searchid=123456 then it doesn’t matter how many times you refresh or add &nocache=1 to the URL, you’ll still only be getting the same query results that you had the first time round. I’ve never had that problem with What’s new, on a number of browsers and different computers, which is why I would look at your end first.