Formula 1 Bahrain GP 2010

So the start of the first GP of the season is just hours away, with 4 world champions (1 the current) in the field and 24 cars on the grid with 3 brand teams and the return of Michael Schumacher.Who are you hoping will win (I hope Lewis Hamilton wins)? I would not be surprised to see the safety car at least once during the race as they all will be getting used to the longer and heavier cars with the changes to the regs, the main one imho being the banning of refuelling.

Well… being a Spaniard… Fernando Alonso… who has been the winner, btw :smiley:

It’s a procession except for a few incidents and passing.

2010 rules didn’t improve overtaking one bit and its wuite boring without refueling because everyone is runingthe same amount of fuel thus if you can not pass at the beginning, then how do you pass at the latter part of the race?

Michael Schumacher is the best!!

It’s good to see Schumacher back. I’m hoping Hamilton can do it this time round but Alonso looks good in the Fezza.

Can’t write the german off though. He will know every trick to get the best out of that car over the season.