FIFA 2010 which team you love?

on fifa 2010 world cup which start on 11th june, at south affrica which team you like most

Congratulations SPAIN on winning your first World Cup.

This officially ends the 2010 World Cup until 2014 which will be in Brazil.

The World Championships are over. No need to nominate your favorites in hindsight :slight_smile:


Hey guys. I am new to this forum. Came across this topic. I surely missed this one out ;( during the FIFA world cup. I am a big fan of Argentina. Was really happy to see the way they were playing until their match with Germany. Really felt clueless the way they played. Still wondering if argentina played a bad game or germany was too good for them. Never expected a 4-0 loss. :frowning:

Italy & Brazil

Well done Spain. Football won in the end. Very disappointed in how the Netherlands approached the game.
As for England, well words fail me.

I like Japan, Argentina. But when they had to stop I like Spain. Luckily, they won :slight_smile:

:sing: Campeones, Campeones, Oe, Oe, Oe :sing:


Campeones = Champions… Oe doesn’t need translation, I think :slight_smile:

Yeah, very well done to Spain but my word, what a dirty game.

Finally Spain is won the world cup, congratulation Spanish Football team and it’s supporter

Brazil Gonna Take IT this time 2010 Brazil


I saw a flag on a car today, and the first thing that popped into my head was the statistic I saw in a newspaper that they decrease fuel efficiency by up to 8%.

Yeah, I’m cool.

i love Brazil, because of the best games of them…



England! Got the flags ready to go on the car. I’ve only seen a few cars so far with the flags on, possibly most are waiting till a little nearer the start of the tournament.

No doubt :slight_smile:
It’s the same every year. The Champions’ final is something huge…

Off Topic:

the European Champions Cup is closer… it will be played this evening… you can’t believe the amount of people we have around here from Germany and Italy… They’ve been singing all throught the day (and drinking and eating). I can hear them from my house :smiley:

I don’t like football much but… what can I say? Spain all the way :smiley:

England (largely because my mum will get a free telly). Then South Africa (although with France in their group they’re unlikely to go far).