Formula 1 Racing: What is your favorit team?

I love watching formula 1 and my favorite team has been RedBull. And yours ?

Definatelly Red Bull has the best car and they definatelly have an attitude that I like in relation to innovation. Still, I think that I like Ferrari best because they seemed to be very united and look like they get a long well (and wish that all these good relationships meant that they could build a competitive car, though). I also like McLaren’s hard work but I wouls still prefer Lotus Renault stubborness… they may be humbler but definately not ready to give up… which it is so like me :lol:

Not sure but the Ferrari team just has the rich history and the mystique.

Currently Mclaren. There will probably be a fairly major shakeup when the new rules come in (engines etc) and I think it’s either the 2013 or the 2014 when Mclearen have to start paying for their Merc engines. It’ll be interesting to see how the Mclaren engines perform.

These days mine favorite is Ferrari

Seems I like red bull for everything.

I remeber when no one drank redbull. Now they have their hands in everything.

I like Formula 1 racing very much i favorite team is Red Bull

Since I am from India, so some partialities are here… :slight_smile:
My favourite team is Force India…

They’ve been a bit of a surprise in some of the races… those car can be quite quick when they want to!

I like formula1 racing. My favourite team is Red bull.

Once getting leisure time… I must see formula1
For now I like Ferrari.

My Favourite team is Red Bull :slight_smile: