Form generator for a non-coder?


Can someone please point me to a resource (preferably free) from where I can generate / design forms (to collect data from my site visitors), that I can then embed into my web pages? Some sort of anti-spam protection (preferably not Captcha) is also a necessary feature for the forms created.

Fantastico/Softaculous offers the phpFormgenerator, but I find it to have very scanty documentation and too hard to use.

The site is made with FrontPage, but since FP extensions are dying off, I need an independent solution for creating forms.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Forms aren’t that hard to do, and there are lots of free scripts around, but still, if you are not confident with that sort of thing, it’s worth using something like wufoo. Not free, but a very comprehensive service.

Check these links; i think this will help you…

Try this: