Need a Form Builder for MAC!

Anyone knows a good javascrip or jquary Free or one time fee form builder for MAC ?
I like the CoffeeCup form but the thing is you have to pay every month to use the full version. I need a “one time pay” form builder. No programing please just click and build :D:rofl:

This is not really what you are asking for, but you can get a few free forms with wufoo. They are hosted on the wufoo servers, though.

Relying on JS for a contact isn’t a very good idea. You need a backend script anyway.

There’s a lso a few other options, like

Not what i need but still thank you :slight_smile:

I edited my post with other links. Just checking if you noticed them. :slight_smile:

thanks a lot, i’ll take a look at them and let you know :slight_smile:

I need a software application that i can install and build forms. I dont like the form builders in dreamwaever. I want something simple and easy to use. - Premium Version

Yeah i have that but they wanna charge me every month to put the form online. I want a one time fee product if there is any.

123ContactForm is Jquery based with an Ajax interface and runs on an exclusively web platform. It’s extremely adaptable, it works well on Macs too and I’ve also tried it on iPhones and iPads, renders a good visualization. They have a free basic plan that lets you build 5 forms and receive up to 100 submissions per month.

this is my recommendation, hope it helps!

With the paid version of CoffeeCup Web Form Builder you only have to pay a single time and can use it on your own server as many times as you need. Only the free version requires you to use their monthly service.