Responsive Web Design Resources/Tutorials

Hi there,

I expect this has been covered before but I just wanted to know what you guys use as resources for your learning about all things Responsive. Whether that be podcasts, tutorial websites, online articles, books, DVDs, YouTube videos and anything in between - what do you use?

Personally I have been doing a lot of self-experimenting with grid layouts and just trial and error while looking at online examples of how others have accomplished development of RWD. However, since Responsive Design does seem to be getting there now with a set of standards (somewhat), are there any guides or discussions taking place outside of the forums which involves “higher” members within the Web Design Community, for example? I regularly read up on SitePoint’s own articles of course but I just wondered if there are also any alternatives that you lot use :slight_smile:

Of course there are many books available but what I am looking for ideally is something which is regularly updated in terms of keeping up with the latest device support, methods etc.

Any thoughts please post them here or feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

Thanks muchly in advance!



I just try to keep an ear out for what’s new by subscribing to emails like Responsive design weekly.

There’s a good course on Learnable by Russ Weakley but you have to subscribe to Learnable to view it.

Smashing magazine has some good articles so its worth staying subscribed.

Brad Frost has a round up of techniques here.

CSS Tricks is also good place to stay subscribed.

Not to forget our own Sitepoint of course.