do not know if this is exactly the right place for people to know, but I’m wondering what fonts and systems, without use of @font-face and things like that, support a variety of font-weights using the css font-weight attribute. I find that often when I apply it, it will only show up on Macs, or only on certain fonts etc.
Are there many fonts that have all the weights included? or is supposed to ‘fake it’… because I don’t see much evidence of it trying right now.

Most fonts only have two or possibly three weights available. A very few have four or five weights. I have never come across any with nine.

To be honest, I wouldn’t really bother with variants of font-weight beyond bold on the basis of consistency (most end users will probably find “bold” and “not-bold” easier to differentiate between than varying levels of boldness) - I would worry about the visibility of the strength on an accessibility level, that being said it probably would work depending on the typeface used. My guess would be the primary families you would get within Windows and Office. :slight_smile:

By no means do I want 9 levels… you’re right there wouldn’t even be any differentiation. My main concern is lighter. Most fonts just have regular (400) and bold (700), but lighter text has a really appealing appearance to me, I just wish I was able to use it reliably for designs and wonder if any common fonts have light or ultralight variations. Or maybe I should just go work in print :stuck_out_tongue:

I would experiment, lay out a series of blocks of text each with a different font-weight value and then just try swapping the primary font-family typeface :slight_smile: