Body text fonts not consistent across browsers

I am working on a site -

The body text appears the way I want it in Safari, IE… but in Firefox, Chrome and Opera the body text is a much bolder font.

What do I need to do to give priority to the lighter font that I like in all the browsers?

Has this question been resolved, @Zapppa?

If not, which versions of Safari and IE are you using?

Where is the font-weight value applied? And how is it written, exactly? Is it cross-browser compatible? What have you tried (ruled out as possible causes)?

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In 3 places you specify:

font-family: ETmodules;

You should specify fall-back font names for users who don’t have that font installed on their machine.

You also have a problem that the site is not fully responsive. See below:

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I can’t see much of a difference between Firefox, IE11 and Chrome?

Or was it some other text that I was supposed to be looking at?

It may indeed be your own system setup that is different in some way.

Post some screenshots of the problem and list which browsers and versions you are having trouble with. Fonts always look different between the PC and mac anyway.


For me the difference was there, but only subtle, not enough to cause concern, remember, “normal” visitors will only be looking at it in just one browser and would be none the wiser (nor even care) that another browser displays a subtle difference.

The text I viewed used “Roboto” font and had fallbacks, weight set to 400.

I saw something similar in IE because I had a bit of zoom on in that browser.


Thanks all.

I have sorted most of the css issues with the body text now.
I still have some kinks to iron out with the responsiveness of the site in between desktop and tablet view…

You probably need to switch to “hamburger” sooner, before the menu clashes with the logo and the logo gets bigger. Or allow the menu to wrap first if that’s preferred.

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