Font Question


On my wp site, I need to be able to use a font called
“TradeGothic LT Extended”.

I have this font on my local computer, but what do I need to do to have anyone visiting
the site see the text/headings in the “TradeGothic LT Extended” font?


The only legal way to have outside users access a non-standard font is to use a service like TypeKit or Google Fonts. Unless that font is a OFL (open font license), then you have to use a third party such as Google Fonts or TypeKit. Please take a read at this,

You can also use cufon replacement to, and attach your font to this. I am not too sure on the legality of doing this, you’d have to double check on this.

I personally use Google fonts as it’s free and super quick to run.

Yup, Sega is 100% right about the webfont “Issue” and Google Fonts have become quite amazing. Last year there were about a dozen fonts to choose from and now there are hundreds. If you do use Google Fonts make sure you check them in both Windows/Mac to make sure they work… I used one last year that I had to pull because one or two characters didn’t work in Windows browsers.

IMHO, the best place for web fonts is FontSquirrel, which offers free font kits ready for the web. But if you can’t find the font you want available there, it’s worth trying TypeKit or FontDeck and paying a small fee per year. If none of these have the exact font you want, it’s also worth seeing if they do have one that’s similar to your preferred font.

Fontsquirrel also has a webfont generator. You can upload your version of the font and have it generate a version to use with @font-face. As Sega said there are issue around legality with fonts and there are good libraries and many free versions of fonts available. However it isn’t always possible to achieve an exact match for a client, your options are to either source a webfont version, find a suitable replacement or at a push generate a webfont version. It is the least preferred option but many of the font licences never took account of use on the web. Given the price of many commercially available fonts that are used for print charging again to licence for use of a web version is double-dipping in my personal opinion. Having said that with so many cheap alternatives there really isn’t any need to be hung up on a particular font.

I can say that I’ve personally used both Typekit and Google fonts and there is ample choice in both.