I have question in font

Hi, can i ask some question ? i downloaded font and installed in my desktop,and i used it in my webpage ,but it bothers on mind,what if i am going to make my page to live or upload this in server or some hosting site…and what if the user will visit my page and they did not installed the font that i used in my webpage.how can i let the user sees my styling font even they did not installed it.

Thank you in advance.

You need to load the fonts onto your website and use @font-face in your CSS. BUT, your fonts must be web ready. Also, you can’t just use any font you bought, because of licensing. You can get a lot of free web ready fonts, along with the CSS you need, at Font Squirrel.

E.g. look at this page:


In the menu bar, click Webfont Kit, and from there you can download all the versions of that font you need to work on the web (different browsers need different font files) and it includes the CSS you need to make the font work on your pages.

To add to what ralph has mentioned, you can also find some good and free fonts from Google web fonts at http://www.google.com/fonts/.

The instructions for using those fonts are a little different from @font-face in CSS though, but its much simpler.

Hi ralph, thank you so much for the reply

Thank you for the links and helping me. :slight_smile:

Fonts must be web ready simply just means that your fonts must have the properties to be shown on the web. if your fonts have the Open Type or True Type formats (OTF or TTF), just go ahead and run the fonts through the @fontface generator in Fontsquirrel.

Check the license, too. :slight_smile:

Hi,Thank you :slight_smile: