Accepted Fonts

I have a website (very basic) but I would like to change the fonts to something more interesting. Has this area changed much over the past year?
Can I some different fonts?

Blankcut, good call. As far as I am aware, Google’s fonts are all legit to use. Someone correct me if I am wrong…

Alex, not slapping you down for your CodeStyle link, but that always struck me as a very blunt tool. Knowledgeable folks won’t need it, and it doesn’t provide the guidance newbies need. (Or I just don’t know how to use it properly.)

Maybe try the another service also like Google Font API…
well, its javascript work,… not new technology to canvas directly from css.
I just reffering to Alex said, about legal implications involved. Using Google Font API could save you on thats matter.

Just as an amendment to Max’s comment, if you do choose to go down the @font-face route you need to be aware of the legal implications involved. :slight_smile:

You’re safest option is to produce that carefully constructed font stack, this tool might be helpful:

Hi, Dick. You look so much like a guy I work with I had to read your About page to make sure you guys were two different people. :slight_smile:

Unless you want to go bleeding-edge with the @font-face technology, your best bet is to use carefully crafted font stacks (@font-family) to enhance your pages and still let people use something besides their machines’ default fonts.

I wrote an article on font stacks in 2009, this is the second time in 30 minutes I’ve linked to it, so I get the Cheeky Bugger Award for the night. :smiley: Hopefully the info in that article will give you some insight.


If you are making a website the you need to have Fonts with great looks which should be visible to all the user.

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