First Video Upload - Could I Just Confirm What I Have Researched?

Hi There

I have been asked to upload a video for a client. The video is currently in .mp4 format.

At the moment, I simply have uploaded the video, and linked to it using a “ahref” tag. Please consult the webpage.

However, I would like to be able to control the video from the webpage, being able to start, stop, rewind, fastforward etc.

I have researched how to do this, I would just like to confirm my current understanding and ask a couple of questions.

First of all, am I right in saying that I cannot rewind, stop etc on the page without converting the file away from .mp4 into a .flv file? Would you be able to recommend free software for doing so?

Secondly, I then need to embed the converted file into the webpage using something like However, that link is currently down. Would anyone know of an alternative?

I then would need to provide an alternative if the browser does not have Flash. Would my current ‘a href’ work as a backup?

Finally, the other option would be to upload the site to google video and embed the video into my page. My one question is how much would this affect the SEO of the page. The video depicts the green screen studio, which is the main focus of the seo work. If I add it to google video, would this significantly enhance the seo?

Thanks in advance for your help everyone, I really appreciate this


I wouldn’t advise having a direct link to the file, as it doesn’t tend to offer much of a user experience. There are other ways to cater for various scenarios. Here are some useful links:

jwd player you can use but if your site is used for profit purpose and commercial then that is not free

Thank you very much all for the quick responses.

Any news on the google video seo implications?