No #1 no traffic

I’m ranking high for “office space Chicago” keyword (No1) But I’m only getting a small amount of traffic. Like 6-10 per day average.

Before I started this site I was investigating the keyword search volume use Google’s keyword tool. According to that it showed.
8,100 searches per month. So per day I should get like 270 visitors.

This is very unusual for me. Any ideas why?

Exactly. In particular, have a think about your <title> and <meta keywords>. Look at what is displayed for your site in Google - if you were looking for office space in Chicago, would you click on that link? Does it looks like it is going to lead to a good site that will give you what you want? If not, why not?

Also, do you see your rating as “number one” only when you are logged in? If Google knows you visit that site a lot, it’s more likely to put it at the top of the list. Use another computer or an anonymous account to search and see if you still appear in the same place.

Just because you’re “number one” doesn’t necessarily mean anyone will click on your link.

True. Maybe it’s time to look for another niche :slight_smile: