Can a webpage get that kind of traffic just from search engines?

Hello! I was interested about Google Keyword Tool and the accuracy and veracity of the search volumes presented there… So I was thinking… Can a website optimized for a keyword that is supposed to get like 2-300000 searches a month be a solution to solve the traffic problem?? So if I should create a small-medium sized website with 30 pages all pointing and enhancing the first page search engine optimization and that first page be also about that great keyword searched by 300000 people a month, I will get at least a position on the first page on Google search results and therefore obtain even a small portion from that volume of searches?? Even with 10% from that 300000 it is still 30000 which is pretty good traffic… Is my plan correct??

[FONT=verdana]I’m afraid no-one can answer that question. There are many factors that affect a page’s ranking. Keyword optimisation is just one of them. If you work hard and do a good job of optimising for a particular keyword, you stand a good chance of getting at least some traffic from it, but you can’t be certain about that.

Perhaps the biggest unknown is the number of other sites that are optimising for that keyword - in other words, the number of sites with which you are competing for a share of the traffic.

I’ll also add that getting traffic shouldn’t be an aim in itself. What you really need is conversions. If the traffic is not relevant to the goal of the site, it won’t do you any good, and there is no point in going after it.


SEO optimization so important is the fact that over 80% of your site traffic will arrive via the search engines. For this reason alone, having a good web site SEO strategy in place is essential.


Same with Mikl, high page rank is result of many seo techniques. And with Google Panda and Penguin keep updating too many links to one web page will only make Google thinks it’s a spam.