Finish my project and sell? need advice

hallo guys,

i hope i post at the right place.
I am developing a web project similar to if you don’t know, i can briefly explain it to you. allow user to have their own store online and manage their own store by paying monthly subscription plan.

my project is similar to shopify and already 60% done.
To run this type of business, marketing is critical and at the moment I am not sure if I can run this business and focus on this but this project is already 60% done and I wanted to continue it but i am not sure about it.


I am using oscommerce as the ecommerce solution but of course depending on vote, i can use other ecommerce like opencart or other free license ecommerce script. Kindly reply and post your favor ecommerce. No Magento please. oscommerce or opencart should be good.



Hi lioney,

There are lots of competitors to Shopify out there already. So you will have some stiff competition.

I suspect you need more than just a CMS to create a similar service, but this is not my area. Good luck. :slight_smile:

i have found cs cart multi vendor - premium software will be the great solution for your needs