Ecommerce newbie

Hi everyone. I’m trying to dive into the ecommerce world and I want to sell my custom made jewelry. I’ve looked through some of the forum and I’m still torn deciding which platform I should use to launch my online store.
I’ve read through magento, shopify, and volusion reviews, but what about others like core commerce, lead commerce, or other platforms?
What are good platforms to use if I’m selling jewelry? I want something easy to understand and that has tools to manage a large inventory, multiple shipping options, and helpful support (among other features).

Thanks in advance!

As you can see there’s many options out there so really it’s a question about the type of solution, interface and support you want.

For a smaller team and a new store I tend to suggest hosted solutions first as that helps you focus on selling rather than a big build and technology. In the space you have BigCommerce, Shopify, and Volusion to name some of the leaders. Which is right is really going to depend on that individual need but I’d encourage you to look beyond the upfront sticker into the interface [both shopper and store owner] and really the support team. Make a list of what you need to do and what you’d like, compare that up with the features and then try doing it in the admin… Does the integration to your account tool really work? Is support around at 6pm your time? Can they give you a tip or two about optimization?

If you’re looking for something you can “own” then a Magento, CS-Cart, etc… are more likely to be in order. You’ll get access to every level of the solution but with the expense of hosting, managing and maintaining the system.

I wish I could be more specific but while people are quick to tell you their favorite, that may not the right company for your store and that’s why doing some comparing really makes the most sense.

Hi there…
I recommend you Magento, for start you can try Magento Go, just to be familiar with the software…Good luck!

I recommend BigCommerce. Check it out see what you think. I used it at my last job- it was a start up company and everyone was new to the world of Ecommerce just like you. It was very simple to use but had a lot of features. We were able to set up tens of thousands of products without a glitch. Since then I have used Volusion as well, also not a bad choice but I still prefer BigCommerce.

open cart will be good for you

It would be much more helpful if you would explain why you think this would be a good choice for jewelshopper’s particular situation.

Hey, thanks you guys! Everything was really helpful! I’m definitely leaning towards using a hosted solution since I’m not extremely tech savvy.
I’m glad a lot of these platforms have demos I can try out, so I think I’ll start doing that and see which one(s) fit what I’m looking for.
But I’m definitely going to check out Big Commerce, Volusion, Shopify, and possibly Lead Commerce.
Crossing my fingers to get this site up soon!

Hello JewelShopper,

Great question you have brought up right here.

Today several platforms are available in term of shopping cart. You can make use of OpenKart and OsCommerce apart from the magento and core commerce. They are really easy to manage and handle.

Apart form that, WordPress is one of the best option to drive the shops online. It deals with large number of inventory and having great payment option and shipping plugin in order to make use of it. And also I must say this, it is really very easy to work in.

If you need any help, then tell me.