Finding out what software a website uses

Hi there,

I’m wondering if anyone can tell me a way to find out what software this forum is using:

I’ve tried looking at the source, but can’t find much.

Are there any tools out there that can scan the website for software used?


Does this help?

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I suggest looking at the header. Look for meta tags and for scripts from other sites. Try to make a quick look at first. I made a quick look and I found the following in the header.

var OneSignal = window.OneSignal || [];
  OneSignal.push(function() {
      appId: "b60853c3-ff77-4074-9b27-2f5f55c945bb",

And below that I found:

<script src="" async=""></script>

That might not help but that is the type of thing to look for. It might be what is being used for the pop-ups.

The site might help but … wow … there is so much stuff there, right? It is all called called usage statistics. There might be nothing there telling us what is used to build the site.

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Thanks for the replies.

I had a look at the website and couldn’t find the software it’s using.

I have checkout out the OneSignal and this seems to be a WordPress plugin.

I’ll keep digging :slight_smile:

If it is only a WordPress plugin then that seems to be the answer. Or perhaps I misunderstand the question.

Why do you say it is a WordPress plugin? The OneSignal website says nothing about WordPress. I believe you that there is a OneSignal WordPress plugin but I doubt that OneSignal is only a WordPress plugin.

I’m not sure what they are using, but once thing is certain is that they aren’t using Wordpress. It’s also running off IIS, which could be a lot of things but it’s probably ASP.NET.

If you scroll down, there are sections for Frameworks, Content Delivery Network, Audio / Video Media, JavaScript Libraries and Functions …

Of course I scrolled down. I looked at all of them. Every one says usage statistics … well now I understand; see my next post.

Okay, sorry. Now I see. The usage statistics is a link to the use of that tool in all (tracked or whatever) websites, it is not saying that the tool itself provides usage statistics.

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