How to identify CMS for the website


My client want to update existing CMS and add new features in CMS.

Currently I do not have source code with me.

I find out using file extension it is PHP CMS.

All urls on website are showing .html instead .php for SEO friendly feature.

My question is how to find which CMS is used using view source in browser or URLS or any other way.

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Some CMSes, like WordPress, give themselves away in the source code, but many don’t. The easy way is to log in to the admin side of the CMS, where there is likely to be a mention what CMS it is … unless it’s a ‘home made’ job.

There isn’t any definitive answer to that question. If you are familiar with certain open source CMS’s though there are thinks to look for. A good test is looking at the meta tags or going to the login page. Those normally give things away for open source community projects. One that gives away wordpress is wp- prefix for file paths. One that gives away Drupal is going to /user to see if there is a login screen provided. However, the Drupal one can come up with false positives depending on rerouting on the back-end. Those are the two I know for open source stuff. Steps can be taken to prevent those tests from giving away things but most of time people don’t do it.

White house (Drupal)

Also, in the meta tag:

<meta name="Generator" content="Drupal 7 (" />

Post a link to the site in question and someone might be able to identify whether a community driven cms is at play or not.

Many Thanks for Information and Support.

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As mentioned many like Drupal & Wordpress leave markers in the html markup but others are harder to figure out.

If I can’t figure it out I use It isn’t fool-proof but it gets some of them.

You can a browser addon called “wappalyzer”.

You it in Firefox or chrome that will chrome will show which technology(CMS, language) a site uses.