What was used to make this website


I have asked to evaluate an upgrade of a website. I can’t figure out how it was done originally. I am guessing it was some sort of CMS but I can’t guess which one. Any idea ? The website is here

Have you tried https://builtwith.com/ or looking at the source code?

Looking at the source code was the first thing I did, but I couldn’t figure it out.

I didn’t know buidwith.com, thanks @Gandalf for the tip, I tried it, from what I read it is hard to tell. I thought it was perhaps made using Google Sites service but looking at other sites made using this service I am not convinced.

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I don’t see anything there to suggest it’s made with Google Sites. It looks as though it is a bespoke website made with React.

See Host Detection - Who Hosts This Site?. Since the host is 1 ISP I assume it is not a Google site.

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