How do i know if the site is built with drupal, joomla or wordpress?

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How do I know if a site is built with drupal, wordpress or joomla? I only know that we have view source but dont know exactly where to see in view source.
For example I am trying to see if this site is made of any of the three cms.
Can you plz let me know how to see as I am trying to build like the above site.


I doubt that site uses any of those templates - it looks like it’s been properly built from the ground up.

The easiest way to check if a site uses a template/CMS system, as you say, is to view the source code. There will usually be a giveaway clue in the <head>…</head> section, something along the lines of
&lt;meta name="generator" content="Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management" /&gt;

Thanks a lot Stevie D. I liked the above site so I was trying to see if it was made of any CMS. So you mean to say it was all hand coded ?

Yes, that is what he’s saying. Of course the designer may have used a WYSIWYG editor.

Like the code shown by Stevie D, is one way to find from the source. However for security reason many delete the meta related to it CMS info and version.

To check if a website is made with wordpress you can Login screen appears if done in wordpress.

Thank you radiant_luv. Yes just saw it on a site and as you said i put wp_admin and it went to admin login.

Thank you. It is something new that I learnt.!!!:slight_smile:

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Now I just learned that. My cousin taught me how to detect for Wordpress, the same way you mentioned below… what about if the site is using another CMS? I mean not the open source ones…

To indentify Joomla site you can enter …99% of joomla sites can be identified with this method…

Hi Arjun, I am the owner of this site and can confirm that the site is not build on any of the three open source content management systems you mention (drupal, joomla or wordpress) - it is build on our own content management system that we have built from the ground up. It also powers a number of other sites such as,, and many more. We hope to open source this system some time in the future…watch this space :slight_smile: