Finding mods for forum(s)

I run a couple of forums that we pretty popular and have tapered off due to lack of daily management. Does anybody have a suggestion on how to bring on moderators? I can’t pay since the sites are really making any money, but could let the mods do some promotion or rev share down the road.

Any ideas on how to start looking for mods?

You can ask friends or family to work as volunteers for you, while your forum is more populated and makes money.
Alternatively, find for volunteers on different forums.

no matter what u say, u must invest some penny to pay mods,remember,quality,not quantity dude

not always revivalx, we here at SitePoint are volunteer staff.

Look to the active posters, the ones who care about the community and will help it grow.

thanks spikez coz remind me

Why have the fora decreased in popularity/activity?

What has changed?

I am asking because, many times, lack of interest in a project by its creator ends in lack of interest by the rest of the community, if they sense that you (or whoever is/was responsible) have lost interest.

Like spikeZ said, a good way to find moderators is by focusing on members who are active, care about the community, and take no issue with authority/responsibility when needed.

kohoutek, you are right - alot happened last year and I got pulled away. Spam bots took over and members fled.

I’m starting them back up, but need more than just one person to help out the community to get it going again. I’m going to look for people that have a passion for the subject and will take trade of links/ad placement as the traffic picks up again.