Getting moderators for your forums

I’m contemplating having some people do moderating on my forums, and just was hoping to spark up a conversation here on other people’s experiences in doing this. I’ve talked to some of the people about this, and have kind of pre-selected people to be moderators. Also, some people have made themselves into good candidates for this by being very useful and participating a lot in my forums. Any pointers?

I don’t think you have to “get” them, they’ll prove to be valuable, reliable leaders first. Those that emerge will be the best candidates.

You seem to already be on the right track by lining up your candidates as the people who are leaders on your forums.

You want to put together a set of moderator guidelines, which state what is expected of a moderator, what the ideal qualities are. You will want to make sure that they understand how to use the forum software and the moderator functions, once you promote them.

Besides that, be fair, be honest and be appreciative of their time.

Great suggestion about the guildlines. I’ll do that before making anyone moderator.


No problem. If you have any other forum type questions, let me know. I have a lot of experience in this area (forum management).

Pre-selecting members is okay … but the best way is to select mature, knowledgeable, and regular posters on your forum. I’m not sure if you meant you are already doing that, but I thought I’d get the point across. Patrick’s suggestion is a good one – make sure you have guidelines drafted up first and that your moderators are familiar with them. Good luck!

me too had the same predicament

Those who supported your forum with most knowledgeable replies and threads can be counted as good candidates for Moderators.

I think you should know them first. or like if they seems reliable or you can connect to them like a friend thing.