Any ways to quickly boost membership of a forum?

Has anyone come across good ways to quickly boost membership of a brand new forum please ?

Any help appreciated.


I’ve seen people offering payment for posts, like $.10 for each post over 20 words.

I’m not sure what the return on that investment is, but it’s an idea.

Thanks Buzzlord. Any others ?

All new forums struggle at start because of no or very few members. Because if you don’t have any activity on your forum, even the potential members won’t bother joining.

Unless you have a forum in a unique niche, I’m afraid paying members to post might be the only way to jump start your forum.

Or, you could post from different accounts yourself to make the forum appear active. (really spammy method and I don’t like it. Just giving you ideas.)

I think only paid posting will help you to grow the forum.

Also interesting contests ideas and free give aways can help you to attract the users.

Attract some of the leaders from your niche to start participating. Their followers will always follow.

Two things that I did that helped one of my forums back in the day. First off, I did what most people here mentioned, I hired paid forum posters like and like 5 other companies at the time. They’re cheap and they get the job done, it makes your forum look busy and helps you convert your traffic into a userbase.

Secondly, I met with college and highschool clubs to join up. I got about 25% of several clubs to join while I was doing the paid forum posting. It made for good discussion and increased sign-ups.

If the club didn’t want to join… I would bribe (sarcasm sorta) the leaders of the club. This always worked. I gave some clubs free hosting on my super fast server, most of them don’t even get a lot of traffic to their site so it made no difference.
Other times I gave them a bit of advertisement space, or simply said here’s $50 bucks, you get the other $50 when I see xxx amount of sign-ups.

But yeah, worked for me might work for you.

Many thanks - am getting some useful info here.