Finally kicking DreamWeaver to the curb

Hi, all,

I’ve finally decided (after it’s been made pretty clear that it will no longer support CF) to kick DW to the curb.

If anyone has used something similar to DW (not anything like CFBuilder), preferably open-source/free, AND it supports CF, AND you like it, please let me know.

I’ve seen one person recommend SublimeText. I’ll check that out, when I get home.

Any other serious suggestions greatly appreciated.



Adobe Brackets released 1.0 today.

SublimeText supports CF very well. I don’t know about Brackets, but it’s an Adobe Product.

OK, it’s been a very long time since I used Dreamweaver (back when Macromedia owned it), so this may fail on likeness, but it is open source, free, “with included language definition files for …CFML…” and I like it.

Bluefish? Guess it makes sense, since an open source version of CF server is called Blue Dragon… :smile:
They are blocking the site, here, but I’ll check it when I get home… thanks!


Same thing as Bluefish… site blocked. I’ll check it out when I get home.



They block github? :frowning:

Umm… you should let someone know about that. I linked directly to not I could maybe understand the .io site becuase that’s for static page hosting, but dot com is open source projects. Probably 90% or more of software development stuff lives there and that’s just growing.

I work for the US Dept of Defense - they block a LOT of sites.


Amen brudda

I just tried to go to your website… blocked. (Unknown)


I understand that, but github?

I mean, I work in the Enterprise world so I definitely feel you there… that’s just going too far for me. Do they block SO as well?

That’s like working in a bubble under water.

Edit: what website? Nothing there. I need to take that off my profile until I put something there. lol

StackOverflow I can access… SitePoint (obviously) I can access… Adobe I have throttled access to (painfully slow… think “glacial efficiency”)… I’m very limited in what sites I can go to for help with coding…

That really sucks. You should run that up the chain to see if you can do something about. So much is moving to Github it’s not even funny.


Here is brackets:
CF Support:

Sorry, I would have mentioned this earlier but got sidetracked by the whole github blocking thing.

:slight_smile: Much appreciated… but I can’t run anything up any chain… mostly because I’m a contractor… but also because if it isn’t “mission critical”, access will not be provided, and they don’t consider things like github to be “mission critical”.

The site, I can access, but can’t download anything… the is blocked. :smile:

and they don’t consider things like github to be “mission critical”.

I’ve run into that before. I claim anything I’m asking for is Mission Critical. I’m the developer, if they question it I just give them “reasons” why it is.

Gotta play the game. Surely you don’t work on SIPRNet or anything.

Nah, he’s working on SkyNet :smile:

Skynet works on itself. Silly.

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Nope… I work on an isolated DEV network (cannot access the internet, at all) and use NIPR when I need to come here to ask questions. For the temp gig, I think it’s AFNET; my permanent position is something else, I think… don’t know what, tho… :smile:

EDIT: Okay… it took me a bit, but I finally get it… (smh… ‘SkyNet’…)

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Anything that has to do with “cloud” is blocked for me due to security restrictions :smiley:

Coda is nice but I usually turn to DW instead still