Dreamweaver alternative

Xup guyz? Plz is there any immediate alternative to dreamweaver. Mine recently stopped starting up. I need on that can be use to upload a site and also to update a site that is online. I’ll appreciate if u culd tell me if its free or not. Thanks.


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All from a simple google search (oh my!)

I can’t give you reviews - I hardcode anything that I do…which I would recommend you to do as well.


Tanx alot.

Happy to help. Good luck on whatever you’re doing.


Komodo Edit is a great free IDE that I’ve been using for a while. Where I work we also purchased the paid version, Komodo IDE.

I pretty much stopped using a WYSIWYG editor in favor of notepad++ or Eclipse, and a browser with the firebug add-on.

I would recommend Notepad++ to anyone.


Oh, I should mention Komodo Edit/IDE is… an IDE, not a WYSIWYG. I haven’t used a WYSIWYG in ages.


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I think this is a reference to the text editor, rather than a comment on this thread. :slight_smile:

I’m really happy with Bluefish on Linux. It’s also available for Windows, but I have a suspicion that the Windows version is less stable. In the past, I used the [URL=“http://www.coffeecup.com/free-editor/”]free Coffee Cup editor.

You can also check out this site for more suggestions, although I think it’s a bit out of date.


I too am on linux and use Eclipse PDT with Aptana HTML plugins, really like it, but it is not visual like dreamweaver can be.

You will find most of the experience web developers no longer use a visual IDE as none of them do really clean markup - well at least a clean as you can make it by scripting it all yourself.


Thanks alot for your wonderful suggestions. You guys rock and am happy to be here.
Uhmmm, i downloaded komodo earlier today, but during installation, there was an error cant rily remember it. I prefer coding on my Notepad++, i know it wuld help me very well. I was thinking if theres an IDE that could be used to upload a site and update it like dreamweaver.

Thanks again for the comments :smiley:

Yeah, sublime text editor…its pretty sweet.

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Anyone use apache2trend software? Please let me know if anyone use it.