Coda 2 anyone using

Is anyone using coda 2, if so how do you like it. I dl the trial but my 8 days were gone before I could really work with it. I am coming from dreamweaver but the subscription is killing me. Thx in advance

I use it and it’s pretty good. Depends on what you want in an editor, but I don’t tend to use too many bells and whistles, so I don’t need anything fancy. Frankly, I prefer SublimeText2, but Coda’s integrated FTP is why I stick with it (as I’m an old fashioned guy who still uses FTP. :eek2: )

I use Coda sometimes when I’m using my Mac. It’s ok, gets the job done but I can’t rave over it.

And I still prefer traditional FTP like ralph.m, I like seeing stuff happening :wink:

I DONT do WYSWG, never did. I love CODA. It was in fact the text editor I abandoned DW for. The only thing I do miss about DW ( or any other text editor) is the “attribute auto complete” . For example when you were coding an element and you typed ‘class=’ the list of classes would pop up and auto complete.

The FTB/ site management is not at ‘featureful’ as DW either, but to be honest I found it more confusing than helpful.

CODA plugins are nice and greatly add functionality ( I like Emmet, for example, which allows me to write abbreviated code)

In short CODA/CODEKIT have been my goto text editors for the last 5 years and I have no regrets!