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Hello guys :smile:
I’m working on a series of improvements on this php script of mine. I was wondering if you could help me with some ideas or give me your impressions.

Dokky Bookcase

It is a document viewer and sharer.
Currently you can upload and share doc, docs, pdf files and I am implementing the ebook format.
In this demo, access to the admin back-end with all the configurations is not currently available, but I think it is still possible to get an idea of the functions.

Thank you all for your suggestions and comments! :heart: :pray:

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A PHP script is impossible to evaluate or improve by seeing the HTML output.

You can get ideas and impressions of the HTML, but thats not… a PHP question.


Hi, thanks for the reply.
Mine was a generic request, I have no problems with this script which doesn’t use any framework, it’s php and js; the front-end is in html.
But I get your point.

Thanks for your interest. Problem doesn’t insert default tags.

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Hi, thanks for your reply.
Sorry, I didn’t understand… by tags, do you mean on the various pages? Or in uploaded documents?

You have posted this is the PHP forum but not provided any PHP code. I’m not sure how you expect anyone to help you.


So I have to post only problems. Don’t ask for opinions.
Of course, I understand.
Some Mod will delete the post

No, not at all. You’re welcome to ask for opinions on your code.

The point that others have tried to make is that you seem to be asking for feedback on your PHP code, and you need to post the actual PHP code for review to allow that. A link to the app doesn’t provide access to the underlying code.

If we have misunderstood and you actually want feedback on the app itself, then I can move this thread to a more relevant forum, such as Design & UX.

Nobody is trying to be difficult here; we just want to understand exactly what you want in order to offer an appropriate response. :slight_smile:


You might like to read the FAQ as to how to get feedback,

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Thanks for the clafification.
Yes please, if you can move the post to the appropriate category. To avoid further problems.
Thank you


oh heyo, this looks so cool! i LOVE the layout and how the icons pop up/out! i would definitely use something like this because of the layout alone! also the colour scheme is so good!

it’s also cool that you are on product hunt! i’m on there myself w my scanner :eyes:

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:pray: Thank you very much!
I’m glad you like the graphics! If you have any ideas for improvement, it’s appreciated! See you also on Producthunt :smile:

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