Would you browse this design blog if you came across it?


I would love your feedback on this design blog http://digthisdesign.net/

What is your first impression of the site? What does it communicate that it’s about?

What stands out to you the most?

Is there anything that makes you want to click?

Is anything annoying, confusing, or difficult to use?

Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback!!

When the gateway wasn’t timing out on me, a few first impressions.

  1. Too much white space for me. Some additional colors would help, even some shades of grey.
  2. The logo…it’s just…wow. Sorry, I know it’s not what it portrays, but it looks like the girl is sitting on the toilet. I know it’s not that, but it’s just what it reminds me of.
  3. The “subscribe” pop-up could use some love. There are missing spaces, and some off centered elements.
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