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I am new to web design and built this very basic design for a coffee shop.

Would love to hear feedback about anything on this design :slight_smile:

Yeah the design is quite good. There is nothing “Majorly” wrong with it but if you want a little feedback overall I can say the following…

  1. Your buy online now button in the hero section is competing with the call to action in the nav. I am not so sure you need it in the hero if you have such a prominent button in the nav. It is rather strong in the nav and will serve you well for all your pages.

  2. The sections are great, but I think there is some white space in between some of them that just doesn’t need to be there. Like the space between “Choose your flavor” and the “Immerse yourself” section. I would have the color butt right up to the previous section. Also the white space between the first section “About us” and “Our Philosophy” needs some delimitation to show they are two separate sections.

  3. The first two sections can be widened up a bit more. I find that having a little less margin on the left and right than the top and bottom seems more natural.

But again these are minor in the grand scheme of things and the page overall looks very clean and professional. Good job.

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It’s a clean design and has a “coffee shop” feel, which is good.

  1. Agree with the order online button in the hero - it clashes with the order button at the top (is the menu intended to be sticky in that it’ll always be there.
  2. I’m guessing this is a portfolio type of design showing what you can do instead of for a client, but the lack of contact information and such is a bit offputting. Even a company name seems to be missing. Branding is important, so having a company name, even if fake would add value.
  3. Similarly, it feels like it needs a footer. something with the company name, some sort of contact info, social media links, etc.
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Yes, it’s a website that I am making for practicing web design, not for a client!

I understand branding and company info are very important for a page.

About the button in the hero section, should I replace it with another button?
As I am reading and learning UX/UI, they always say there should be a CTA in the Hero section.
Should I change the button, or maybe remove it?
Maybe it will be “Check our catalog”? or something similar.

@Martyr2 is it okay if these sections “About us” and “Our Philosophy”, would have more white space than the others?
I mean consistency is important as I understand, but can be adjusted from time to time.

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You have a call to action - it just happens to be in the menu. You don’t need it twice.

If you HAVE to have something there, you could use it as a “see our current promotions” or something like that. That’s what I’d expect to see there if I was visiting a site like that…

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okay yes I understand! thanks!

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