Feedback for an e-commerce website built with Shopify for a school project

Hello! I have a school project where I was tasked with creating an e-commerce website using the Shopify platform. The website is a shop where you can buy shaving products, similar to The Art of Shaving, The Italian Barber, etc.

I would like to get feedback for the site, about it’s design, layout, and navigation. The content is heavily borrowed from other websites because creating original content for the site was not part of the project.

I am hoping to learn more about design, and how to make a website easier to use and navigate.

Also keep in mind that’s it’s a fake store so you won’t actually be able to buy anything, it’s just about the site itself.

Here is the URL for the website:

Let me know what you think!

Overall the website isn’t bad. It still needs some work. Carefully with your alignment, especially with your text on mobile. Alignment should be consistent. Give your site some love (make it less black and white, a splash of colour would greatly help), and use white space. Your product button is really squished into your text.

I really quite like it, although as a woman, I’m probably not your main target audience.

I like the black and white colour scheme with the touch of red - it gives it an air of “class”.

My only real criticism would be of the home page, which seems to be oddly laid out. The section entitled “Home” I would rename “About Us”, “About the Company” “Our Passion for Shaving” - pretty much anything other than “home”, which doesn’t make sense in this context.

I would also put the products shown into a section called “featured products” or “current offers” or whatever - something which explains why these products are featured on the home page. My first impression on landing there was that these were your only products.

I would also be inclined to switch the order and put the “about us” text first, and then the product selection.

Other than that, I’d say it’s clear and straightforward to navigate.