Review my eCommerce website created on Shopify

This website will have over 5000 products so would it be better if the template looked similar to the one used in the following website?

Browse through my website, add products to cart, navigate through the categories. Is the website easy to use? Would you buy from a website like this?

My website:

Hi @bhavik, and welcome to the forums.

I’ve temporarily unlisted this, as you’ve forgotten to give us the URL of your site, which makes it rather hard to review. Please post the URL, and I’ll relist it for you.

Thanks for posting your URL.

Sorry, but no. That has nothing to do with the design, which is OK as a template, but to do with the “feel” of the shop. It “feels” very like a mass-produced template. (To be fair, we had a whole spate of Shopify review requests earlier in the year from a college course, so I’ve seen more than a few.)

But there are areas with numerous items labelled “no image available”, which makes the site seem unfinished. Some items like your refunds policy seem very generic.

However, the thing which would most deter me from buying from you is the lack of information about you/your company. Even in your contact details, there is no postal address. I tried looking in your TOS, but couldn’t find it there, either. I did eventually notice it in your Privacy Policy, but if I were a real customer, I’d have given up before then; then not at all where I’d expect to look for the information. (I believe UK law requires you to have your addressed displayed clearly on your site if you are trading, so you may want to look into that.)

I also really dislike the fact that it takes two clicks to get more information on a product - and sometimes having clicked the second, “more details” link, I find there’s no more information given. (And it doesn’t seem to be possible to navigate at all via keyboard.)

Sorry to be so negative. Some of your products look interesting, and as a keen baker I might easily be a customer - but I’d want lot more information first.

Thank you so much for your review. It was not at all negative. It was very honest, something I needed and was looking for. I really appreciate you taking out your time to give me a detailed review.

I don’t have an address on the website because this is a strictly online based business. There is another business in the same warehouse which is open to the public selling the same products at slightly higher prices. To avoid conflict with the loyal customers this business has, I felt adding the address would be an overall bad idea because the website has lower prices. However, to get potential customers to trust my website, I do have to find a solution to this problem.

Though not as “trustworthy” as a street address, a Post Office Box would be better than none at all.

I understand your reluctance, but I still think it’s a legal requirement. You can always add a note explaining the address is for postal communications only, and the site is not geared to receiving customers in person.

UK trading standards advice:

Your website is working well, there is no issue with that. But I will suggest to add some more description into every products. Template design is good but make it some more attractive. One more good thing is your website is mobile friendly. Keep it up :smile:

Can you explain what you mean there? in what way do you feel it needs to be made more attractive? What needs to be changed, and how?

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