Facebook's little hourglass thingy

I’ve posted this very question on Facebook’s own forum with no response.

I’ve noted Facebook’s forums are littered with a lot of unanswered legitimate questions.

What’s that all about??

Anyway, I suspect someone here could lead me in the right direction:

I’m starting out with my humble little Facebook application, and I want to add on one thing.

You know when it sometimes take time to start up a Facebook app, and you see that wavy animation of vertical bars going across the screen?
(see attach. facebookCounter.JPG)

Where do you get that?

I would like to use that in some aspects of my Facebook application.

I’ve looked in the ‘view source’, and I only get lost looking for it!!



I’m not condoning you steal it…

What I did to locate it was opened up firebug. Selected one of the links so the item could be seen in firebug display. Then I clicked that link and found out that the class UIFilterList_loading was being added and removed to one the elements to apply that image. At which point I brought up all the CSS and conducted a simple search for UIFilterList_loading locating the style responsible to the background image.