A small issue - page break

Hi guys

Could you please take a look at http://aatwmusic.com and go to “The Band” menu item. When you visit this page the whole wrapper moves 10 or so pixels to the left, and I can figure out why. Can any of you locate the problem, and send me the fix? Much appreciated!

Furthermore, the Twitter widget on the front (modification of twitters own feed widget) doesn´t seem to update. If you´re already in there maybe you can help me out with that as well :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

What browser does this happen in? Doesn’t happen for me in Firefox.

I think “The Band” is the only page that has the scroll bar and so this behaviour.
What I can think of is you could either force a scroll bar on all pages or use a fixed margin-left instead of auto since your wrapper is fixed width.

That´s weird… Tested in FF and Chrome and the issue where both places

@Nikhil - I think you´re spot on… If I were to force a scrollbar in all pages that would be assigned to the body-element, right? Not a fan of fixed distances, but if i were to test it what´s the bulletproof solution?

Thank you both for the replies

Ah, I have a tall screen, so didn’t get scroll bars on any page. If that is the only issue, I’d say you don’t have an issue. It’s just how web pages work, and I wouldn’t worry about it at all. The fixes for stopping it are much worse than the effect itself. :slight_smile:

That´s somewhat comforting to read… I leave it as it is.

Thanks… Any ideas what goes for the twitter widget on the frontpage, and why it doesn´t seem to update?

I’ve found JS pretty buggy with Twitter feeds, so prefer PHP. There are lots of PHP scripts out there, but I’m not sure if they are up to date with the latest Twitter changes.

This thread perhaps should move to the JS forum if you want to stick with that. Let us know. :slight_smile:

PS: here is a PHP script that works: