The Hourglass graphic used by Facebook

Hi all,

Would someone get me a copy of the PNG file Facebook uses at its ‘ticker’?

I did get a smaller version but attached is the larger version I’ve been looking for.

You know what I’m talking about?

It indicates that something is going on and to wait (ie. a process bar of sorts.).

It’s used like the hourglass your mouse pointer will turn into when the comptuer is ‘busy.’

It’s the ‘oscillating series of little boxes’ usually situated in the middle of the screen (see attach.).

I’ve only gotten a small one.


You can download it from this page (by right clicking):

Are you using this on a page related to FB, though? Would be good to check if it’s alright to use elsewhere. I wouldn’t use an image from another site like that without knowing it’s OK with the originator.

You could always create your own in similarity. If you know how to make animation images that is.

Or you could try this:

Hah, nice link Talks_44. That’s quite an interesting alternative. :slight_smile:



That’ll work.

Say, would there be even a bigger one used by Facebook?

I’m working on my little Facebook app, you see, and I thought there was even a bigger one of those used.

I can’t seem to find it however.

But this might just do it.

Thanks again.