I realize this is a silly question but . . . where is the thread I just started?

Shouldn’t it show up in the CSS sub-forum I posted it to?

Oh man! I see I asked this a year ago? WTF?

You mean a thread other than this one?

The very one. Persona non gratta. Split. Booked. Gone.

Yes. Still not there.

I presume I should be able to click the HTML & CSS tab and see it there?

That’s where I found it. Can you not access it from my link above?

Oh I can see my post, what I can’t see is it anywhere in the the sub-forum. If I have to take someone else’s word that it is there in the category I just posted to doesn’t exactly give me confidence to post here. :japanese_goblin: And this same crap a year ago?

By “sub-forum”, you mean the HTML & CSS category? I see your topic listed there, and can’t find any reason why you wouldn’t be able to. (I’m on mobile at the moment, which isn’t the easiest for troubleshooting, so if I’ve missed something, I apologise.)

Can you provide the URL you are looking at, where you are unable to find it listed?

This is what the world sees …

Are you referring to this topic? Why is it so difficult to just display the forum I posted in? I see several folk tried to help there, but you didn’t return to reply to any questions.

If there’s a problem, then we do want to know and try to sort it out, whether the issue is a glitch in the software, or something which is unintuitive and members’ are having problems finding and/or using it. However, we can only do this if you engage with the discussion until we get the issue cleared up. Otherwise, you’ll probably be back in another year, with the same complaint, because we’ve had no way to make progress.


Hey TechnoBear. This appears to be a recurring issue with me. It has no effect when I’m replying to a post/thread already present; it’s only when I start my own thread. Let me get back to you when I’m not so busy.

##Okay this:

I posted to HTML & CSS less than half an hour ago.

I notice from the screen-shot you are hiding the ad that appears after the 5th post down.
I guess you added some custom css to the browser for the forums to hide stuff you don’t need to see (PS: I do that). But that can sometimes go wrong and hide the wrong things.

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