Facebook Problems, no searchbar, likes not registering

Whenever I choose ‘like’ on someones facebook page, my name and profile image are not showing. Do I have to go into settings and select ‘Add Featured Page Owners’ to do this?

I cannot get into the menu I’ve seen on vid tutorials, although those were from 2011. Where all the pages you like are at your easy access giving a listed rundown of them, right under the searchbar.

This is a business page I’m using - much to my surprise I’ve learned that business accounts do not have searchbars! [COLOR=#ff0000]Then, begs the question, how do those running business accounts search for other FB users? Must I know the FB address 1st?


Sorry for the double post, but too late to edit…and I now notice that;

(about the problem with no image when commenting other FB pages ) - when I comment on my own page, the graphic does show.

Only when commenting on other FB pages does it not along with my FB link.